Meditation tracker with sessions stored on-chain. Build a habit and earn rewards on the way to mindfulness.


Unique NFTs


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STOA token

Stoic NFTs

Example of a STOA NFT

When you reach certain milestones in your meditation practice you will receive NFTs with unique properties and rarity.

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$STOA Token

Each meditation session is rewarded with the $STOA token. 50% of all supply is dedicated to meditation and staking rewards.

Use $STOA to unlock unique NFTs from the “Sage Path” or get staking rewards which increase if you meditate more.


Eearn $STOA token by meditating or buy it from a DEX and stake it to unlock bonus rewards and access to the unique NFT track with the Sage Path!

Stake Duration

No Lock

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+35% of Duration Pool

+20% after 6 hours of meditation

Sage Path rewards unlocked!

Utility: Wellness Marketplace

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Guided Meditation: Stress Relief

By David Walker

Cost to unlock

500 STOA

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Self-paced Mindfullness Meditation

By SheenaS

Cost to unlock

100 STOA

As you accumulate STOA directly from meditation rewards or from buying it, you can spend it to unlock great wellness content and directly support amazing creators:

  • On-demand meditation sessions
  • Mindfulness expert talks
  • Live sessions hosted by gurus
  • Philosophy lectures

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We also use the the hourglass symbol

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with it, we show our acceptance of passing of time. Feel free to add it to your social profiles any time you like.


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